Wifi password:

Eora-Guest      keri29092   access point all units and pool area

Eora                 gabriel3      for superior studio and upstairs part of the house

Scan our QR code on the laminated sheet in your room for easy access to our contact information via our site, as well as access to the guide book on Zakynthos and Articles to help plan your vacation.


1. At Villa Eora we strive to ensure all our guests have a supreme holiday experience, which is why we enjoy a very high rate of returning visitors.

2. Check in 15:00 check out 11:00

3. In view of the ongoing energy crisis , we ask that when leaving the room or house, please do not leave any electrical appliances (air conditioners fans, stove) on. Even on very hot days the air conditioner will cool your room quickly. When using the air conditioner close windows and balcony doors so as not to waste energy and for more effective cooling/heating. ​


​4. Upon leaving the room make sure you do not close the door with the key on the inside lock. Keep all your valuables in the safety deposit box in your room. ​


5. Please do not leave glasses , plates, personal items etc or litter by the pool . If taking an early or late swim keep the noise down in case other guests are sleeping. Young children must be supervised at all times when in the pool and in the vicinity of the pool.


6. The towels are for in room use, if you have forgotten to pack  beach towels we can lend you some.

7. We are proud of  our  tranquil atmosphere, we therefore ask you to please respect your fellow guests, so no loud music and shouting. 


​8. For everyones safety only our guests are allowed on the premises. (no invitations can be extended to persons not staying at Villa Eora)


9. Due to serious fire hazard in the last couple of years there is a general ban on Bar B Qing. As we are in a forest area the portable  Bar B Q can not be used on windy days and can only be used  after prior consultation. Charcoal has been left by previous guests, if there is none you will need to purchase some....After using the  Bar B Q make sure you extinguish the coals with water and replace the cap.


​​10. There is a 3 Eur charge per washing machine load. Detergent is on the washing machine. If you need an iron and ironing board just send message, and they will be left in your room. 

11. Smoking is allowed only in the outdoor areas or on the verandahs. Extinguish cigarettes in the ashtrays provided as there is a high risk of fire in the summer months.

12. In the studios we have replaced the minature stove/oven with ceramic hot plates due to space issues. If you need an oven and microwave send a message and they will be left in your room.  


Contact info : cell viber and whatsapp +306948063525 (Marie) +306944605459 (Costa)